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(pictured: Ballad of a Shinigami)
(pictured: Ballad of a Shinigami)

I’ve spent the last couple days working on this site, and feel I’ve got a system down for creating a database of information regarding light novels that have been translated and published in English. I will continue adding new pages for various light novel series throughout the month, and in the meantime hope to update with any English light novel-related news that may come.

The purpose of the site is fairly straightforward: for several months I searched for a website dedicated to light novels released in English–but didn’t find any (at least any that were still alive, or particularly comprehensive). So I decided to make one, and I’ve gone ahead and bought a domain to make the site easy to remember:

For the light novel posts, you will find useful information for each series: the title in English and Japanese, author, illustrator, genre, synopsis, number of volumes released in English, links to official websites (if available), and pictures of all the covers. And most importantly, I’ll include links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for each volume, so that you will be able to easily buy the light novels that pique your interest. New light novels are generally little more than the price of a manga volume (and even less when in Kindle or Nook form), and many discontinued books can be found for a pittance as used copies.

In time I also hope to add reviews and editorials to the site, as well as any other features that could prove useful in building the English light novel community and promoting the books that are available or soon-to-arrive. Feel free to leave any ideas or suggestions here with a comment! You can also reach me on Twitter if you wish: I go by cho_desu. And if you’re interested in blogs for currently-airing anime, might I suggest You might find some posts from me there too.  :>

That’s all for now! I hope in time this will prove a helpful resource for anyone interested in learning more about all the light novels that are available in English.


2 thoughts on “News: Regarding this Website

  1. That’s great, I was looking for a website about LN, is strange the difficult to find one =/

    Keep going cho, I will accompanying =D

    1. Thanks, Dom! I’m pretty close to finishing with all the basic entries I have in mind for the database here, so hopefully that will be completed in the next few days. Then it should be easier for everyone to see what light novels are available in English.

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