Time of Eve: Another Act

English Title: Time of Eve: Another Act Japanese Title: イヴの時間 -- Eve no Jikan -- “Time of Eve” Author: Kei Mizuichi Illustrator: Yasuhiro Yoshiura Translator: Ryusuke Chayama Genre: Sci-fi, Drama Original Run: 2010 English Run: 2015 Volumes: 1 English Publisher: Pied Piper, Inc Volumes Published in English: 1 (COMPLETE) Average Price Per Volume: Paperback $15 English Website Japanese Website MAL… Read More Time of Eve: Another Act

News: Light Novel Articles (May 2015)

Another month is passing us by, so it’s time for a round-up post for some news and blog posts. Let’s start with a recent light novel release that has slipped by — Time of Eve: Another Act, written by Kei Mizuichi and illustrated by Ryusuke Chayama. This is a novelization from Japan that was translated as… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (May 2015)