Review: Kobold King (vol 1)

After a lifetime of dominating the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies and companions alike, Gaius Balderus has relinquished his title and fame for a simple life in the country—back to where his hometown once stood decades before. But when he discovers a neighboring Kobold settlement, rescuing the strongest of their warriors,… Read More Review: Kobold King (vol 1)

Kobold King

English Title: Kobold King Japanese Title: コボルドキング Author: Syousa. Illustrator: sime Translator: Fatuma Muhamed Genre: Fantasy, Town Management Original Run: January 2019 – ongoing English Run: January 2020 – ongoing Japanese Publisher: Legend Novels (Kodansha) English Publisher: J-Novel Club Volumes in Japanese: 2 (In Progress) Volumes in English: 1 (In Progress) Average Price Per Volume:… Read More Kobold King

October – November 2019 LN Licenses

We’re long-overdue for another LN license announcement roundup, since I keep failing to put together news posts in a timely manner. So I guess I’ll finally ask for some help — if anyone is interested in being a news person for this site, send me an email! ( I could probably use another person to… Read More October – November 2019 LN Licenses