News: Light Novel Articles (December 2014)

It’s now 2015, but we have one more entry for light novel-themed blog posts from 2014 to cover. Here’s some links I can share from December: Have you read the Zaregoto books available in English? Here are brief reviews of Book 1: Kubikiri Cycle and Book 2: Kubishime Romanticist at Anime Vios. Geekout South-West has had some… Read More News: Light Novel Articles (December 2014)

Review: Kino no Tabi (Vol 1)

For general information on this series: Kino’s Journey entry This review is for the first volume of Kino’s Journey by Keiichi Sigsawa (with art by Kouhaku Kuroboshi). The English edition (which strangely kept the Japanese title Kino no Tabi) was released by Tokyopop in October 2006. None of the remaining volumes were ever localized, and as of… Read More Review: Kino no Tabi (Vol 1)

Kino’s Journey

English Title: Kino’s Journey Japanese Title: ã‚­ãƒŽã®æ—… – The Beautiful World â€“ Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World Author: Keiichi Sigsawa Illustrator: Kouhaku Kuroboshi Translator: Andrew Cunningham Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi Original Run: 2000 – ongoing English Run: 2007 Volumes: 17 English Publisher: Tokyopop Volumes Published in English: 1 (Discontinued) Japanese Website MAL Entry — Forum Synopsis: Destination is a state of mind. A tale… Read More Kino’s Journey