Review: Alice’s Tale

For general information on this novella: Alice’s Tale entry This review is for Alice’s Tale, a digital “light novella” written by Tadanori Kurashita, with illustrations from Poyoyon Rock. This story was released in both Japanese and English in 2014, the English translation resulting from a contest hosted by Conyac and Impress QuickBooks. Imagine a future where you… Read More Review: Alice’s Tale

News: Impress QuickBooks Releases LN Ebooks

I’m a bit late for this, but thanks to Frog-kun (Fantastic Memes) for posting about this news recently. On December 24th, Impress QuickBooks (a Japanese e-book publisher), released three of their “light novellas” in English. A light novel contest was held on Conyac, a crowd-funding translation website, and Impress QuickBooks then published the three winning… Read More News: Impress QuickBooks Releases LN Ebooks

Alice’s Tale

English Title: Alice’s Tale Japanese Title: アリスの物語 — “Alice’s Tale” Author: Tadanori Kurashita Illustrator: Poyoyon Rock Translator: Braden Noyes, Mami Suzuki Genre: Sci-fi, Drama Original Run: 2014 English Run: 2014 English Publisher: Impress QuickBooks Volumes in Japanese: 1 (Completed) Volumes in English: 1 (Completed) Average Price Per Volume: Google Play $3 – iTunes $3 – BookWalker $3 Synopsis: Officially, I deal in stocks. My… Read More Alice’s Tale